Ana Navarro Just Did It, Said What We’ve All Been Thinking About Mike Pence

It’s easy to direct all our attention on Donald Trump, and his continued moronic “leadership” of this once-great nation. Every single day, he’s making headlines with historically corrupt, misguided political maneuvers. Which is why it’s so easy to forget about his equally-bad Vice President, Mike Pence.

Pence was known in Indiana as an incredibly conservative lawmaker, who “didn’t take no guff” – for lack of a better term. He gave off the public persona as a man who stood by his morals and values, no matter what. However, since becoming Donald’s right hand man, he’s allowed this monster to destroy everything Pence once held dear.

This week, after Pence delivered a sickening statement about working for Trump, people couldn’t help but vent on Twitter about the nauseating way he spoke of Donald. Ana Navarro, beloved anti-Trump political analyst, didn’t mince words when she offered up her two cents on Pence.

Navarro wrote, “I used to hold out some hope for Mike Pence. But either this guy has an acute case of Stockholm Syndrome or he’s just a sell-out of traditional American and GOP values he once embraced. Let’s face it, probably a sell-out.” She’s right. He’s been a sellout since the beginning. Which is why Donald wanted him as his VP in the first place.

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