Obama’s Ethics Chief Explains Why Trump Is On His Way To Court After Latest Criminal Activity

Any little, marginal political victory Donald Trump “accomplishes” is always wrought with suspicion and corruption. And it’s not unwarranted. As soon as something is declared by Donald Trump, it is just as quickly exposed for its many lies and dishonesty. Such was the case this week, when Trump directly violated a Constitution’s emoluments clause – after it was discovered that an Indonesian development project, connected to Trump, has $500 million investment dollars from the Chinese government.
Barack Obama’s ethics chief, Norm Eisen wrote on Twitter, “This is a violation of the Emoluments Clause. A big one. See you in court Mr. Trump.” That’s a fairly definitive statement. And we completely believe some actual legal action will come from this revelation.
One of the aspects of being a greedy moron is you are mentally incapable of keeping track of the multitude of lies that have spilled out of your mouth. Which is exactly the case with Donald Trump. He is always quick to say anything that he needs to, in the moment, to survive. He has no belief system other than insatiable greed.
No acting President is legally allowed to profit from foreign governments. That’s some “day one” stuff. But do you think Trump cares about all this? No way. He just assumes that if he accumulates enough money, he can pay off these judges. Who will subsequently push back court dates and sentencing for the rest of his life. But that’s something the American people just won’t stand for. We demand justice – and we demand it now!
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