Americans FURIOUS After Trump’s Game-Changing Announcement About Public T.V. & Radio

Trump’s new budget proposes $300 billion in new spending—but will completely end federal funding for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB), which provides federal funding for PBS and National Public Radio stations.

The CPB is a 50-year-old nonprofit that characterizes itself as “one of America’s best investments.” CPB President Patricia Harrison stated:

There is no viable substitute for federal funding that ensures Americans have universal access to public media’s educational and informational programming and services.

The elimination of federal funding to CPB would initially devastate and ultimately destroy public media’s role in early childhood education, public safety, connecting citizens to our history, and promoting civil discussions—all for Americans in both rural and urban communities.

Harrison said the cuts will hurt emergency alert systems and childhood programming, among other things.

PBS CEO Paula Kerger said at a TV critics meeting last July that a number of PBS stations across the country are dependent on federal funding in order to survive:

PBS will not go away, but a number of our stations will. There is no Plan B for that.

Trump’s budget requires congressional approval before it can take effect. Public broadcasting has survived previous presidential threats to cut its funding.

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