Americans STUNNED After Trump’s Campaign Connected To Human Trafficking – This Is HORRIFYING

It seems that President Trump has done a bang up job at attracting people who have similar beliefs when it comes to women. He endorsed Roy Moore the pedophile, he wished Rob Porter, the woman abuser, well with his career, and he also defended David Sorenson who also abused his ex-wife. He, himself, also someone who was caught talking about “grab[bing] women by the p*ssy.”

Now, another person associated with Trump is being accused of sexual misconduct. His former campaign chair Tim Nolan, a former judge, plead guilty to charges of human trafficking, according to

Nolan, who is 71, bribes women and underage girls with drugs and threats of arrest so they’ll have sex with him. He also threatened to evict a woman who was renting a property from him if she didn’t sleep with him. He also threatened to report several others, even teenagers, to the FBI if they didn’t do exactly what he wanted.

He has been doing this since as early as 2004, and he was still doing it in the summer of 2016 leading up to Trump’s presidential election where he served as the chair for the campaign in Campbell County, KY. He was also elected to the Campbell County School Board around the same time, which is an extremely scary thought.

He was originally going to serve 100 years in prison on 28 felony charges, as well as 4 counts of human trafficking minors. He plead guilty to 21 of the 28 counts and made a deal with the court in which he will face 20 years in prison and pay a fine of $100,000. He will also be eligible for parole in 4 years. How would anyone even give this creep a chance to get out?


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