Ana Navarro Hits Donald Trump Right Where It Hurts With Major Statement

The damage Donald Trump has done to this nation is becoming insurmountable. Not only has he humiliated us with racist, insulting statements and greedy, corrupt legislations and laws – but he’s consistently welcomed known enemies of the United States with open arms. First it was through collusion with Vladimir Putin and Russia, now it’s his “buddy-buddy” relationship with evil North Korean leader, Kim Jong Un, that’s raising eyebrows.

After Trump embarrassed the nation by touting North Korea and their sadistic ways on the same level as America, it took mere moments before Twitter was full of outrageous remarks and responses.

While there was an onslaught of commentary following this ordeal, it was a message written by beloved anti-Trump political analyst, Ana Navarro, that was capturing a lot of attention.

On her official account, Navarro, in response to Trump’s meeting with Kim Jong Un, wrote, “I was appalled to see an American President legitimizing a cruel dictator who oppresses his people. I felt the same way about Obama + Castro as I do about Trump + Kim bromance. Because it’s not about partisanship. It’s bout American values.”

Her mentioning of Obama and Trump in the same sentiment didn’t sit well with many Americans. Twitter user, @ResistMonsters, spoke for the majority of Americans with their response to Navarro.

In which, it read, “Obama didn’t do what Trump did. Your fake equivalencies are absurd and is the prime example of empty rhetoric and false equivocation in order to placate the GOP base and avoid accountability.”

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