BREAKING: Insane Trump Supporter Makes VIOLENT Threats To Those Who Oppose Donald — [DETAILS]

The zealots of the religious right who support Trump are perhaps the most dangerous people in America, positively more hazardous than the 800,000 DACA recipients being used by Trump as a political pawn.  These self-proclaimed “prophets” brainwash Americans on a daily basis, tricking them into believing their radical theories.

One of the more unhinged Trumpers is the “firefighter prophet” Mak Taylor, who gained recognition by successfully predicting that Trump would win the 2016 election.

In a recent rant, he warned Americans about “military-style tribunals to deal with the treasonous acts that are being committed right now in the United States.”

Taylor explained, “God’s judgment is literally falling. It’s not coming, it’s falling right now on these leaders across America and the church, these wicked leaders, and so the Lord is dealing out this righteous judgment.”

“You are going to see these high-level leaders who have been attacking Trump, who are standing in the way of his agenda. You will see them removed from authority, number one. You will see them go to prison, number two, [and] you will see some of these leaders, including church leaders, be removed from the face of the earth,” he added.

“All of the stuff that these guys have been into, these five presidents, it’s going to be exposed for the entire world to see. And this is what I have been saying with these military tribunals that are coming … When they start really digging into this, the length, the depth, the breadth of this thing, it is going to be so big people aren’t going to be able to wrap their minds around it. So it’s like I tell people again and again, strap in, get your seat belt on because we’re going to be in for this for years to come. This is going to be going on for years. And when you have military tribunals, they have a whole different set of rules, there are no appeals … justice is served right then and there. There is not a country on earth where if you commit a treasonous act that, in times past, it wasn’t followed by a death sentence, even here in this country it used to be death by hanging. What they do to these people, I have no clue, but if they start executing people, there is going to be a whole lot of executions going down,” he concluded.

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