Fox News’ Tucker Carlson Interviews Anti-NRA Candidate—and Loses His Mind Over a Cuss Word [VIDEO]

Earlier this week we told you about a progressive Democrat running for a seat in Congress whose fifteen-second ad became notorious because of the crude language he uses in the ad rather than about the content of his message:

Pat Davis—a former police officer who is currently a city councilor in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and who is himself a survivor of gun violence—said,

I think the only people who are going to be offended are the NRA. Being polite hasn’t gotten us anywhere so maybe it’s time to do something different.

So pro-NRA Tucker Carlson decided to interview anti-NRA Pat Davis on his show Tuesday night, but found himself hopelessly outmatched. As Mediaite notes, the Fox News host, known for beating down guests with combative interviews until they are too flustered to continue, fell victim to his own tactics—and ended the segment by completely losing it on the air and cutting off his opponent’s microphone.

Carlson began the segment by playing the ad and said,

So that’s the ad? “F” the NRA? Kind of moronic, no?

Davis replied that the short ad got “a whole lot of attention and started a new conversation about guns.” The host responded by saying,

But…doesn’t it degrade you? You used the ‘F-word’ in an ad!

Davis’s next remark seemed to really get under Carlson’s skin:

Being polite hasn’t made our schools any safer. It hasn’t protected police officers, like I used to be. If a cuss word on TV offends you more than dead children in Parkland or Newtown, then your priorities are all wrong.

Carlson assured viewers that he was not “offended,” but asked,

Is rudeness going to save lives, do you think? How many NRA members have committed mass shootings?

As you can see from the video below, Carlson then had something of a meltdown, and concluding,

Oh Pat, do you like this new mode of communication we have, F-the-NRA-Pat! Alright, tough guy. Learn something about guns and get back to me! Interview over! Yeah, because you don’t know what you’re talking about!

Then he cut off the candidate’s feed.

“Let’s go back to politeness, I liked it better,” Carlson concluded.

We’d remind Carlson of something Davis said earlier in their interview: If a cuss word on TV offends you more than dead children in Parkland or Newtown, then your priorities are all wrong.


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