Off-Camera, Ivanka Cusses Like a Sailor, Has a Deep Voice, and Is Often ‘Defiant’

One expects that people in the acting profession might cultivate public personas that are very different from their private selves. One might even expect it of politicians who have been in office for a long time.

But it’s a little jarring to realize that Ivanka Trump is not as she appears. She has a voice that’s an “octave” deeper when in private; vacillates between “defiant” and “lighthearted”; and curses like her father, President Donald Trump, and her husband and fellow senior White House adviser, Jared Kushner, according to the Washington Post.

According to the Post, Ivanka thinks she and Jared were initially “naïve” when they headed to Washington to work for the president, and that neither was able to fight back against negative coverage or within the White House until the hiring of spokesman Josh Raffel—who is expected to leave his position soon.

In other evidence of her naivety, Ivanka also came realize she could be “weaponized” by others hoping to push a particular part of their own agendas or to increase attention—but of course that implies Ivanka couldn’t recognize if or when she was being used, which seems unlikely considering her cutthroat business background.

In a statement, her father the president said,

Everybody loves and respects Ivanka. She works very hard and always gets the job done in a first class manner. She was crucial to our success in achieving historic tax cuts and reforms and served as my envoy in South Korea, where she was incredibly well received. Her work on behalf of American families has made a real impact.

In perhaps her biggest coup while in South Korea, Ivanka tried to fend off questions about the women who have accused her father of sexual harassment and assault. She claimed it was “inappropriate” to be asked, yet still found the question appropriate to be answered: she stated she believed her father’s denials.

Ivanka has come under sustained criticism for her self-named fashion line, which she still controls and which relies exclusively on foreign factories in countries such as Bangladesh, Indonesia, and China, where low-wage laborers—many of them women and children—have little to no voice. Such practices are seen as deeply hypocritical, given her father’s railing against outsourcing and her stated interest in advancing the rights of working women.

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