Over a Dozen AGs Just Handcuffed Trump with a Game-Changing Lawsuit

Outside of the many Trump scandals that form the nucleus of his presidency lies other atrocities that have as devastating an impact – if not more – on the nation as a whole.  One of the more questionable departments in the Trump administration is the Environmental Protection Agency led by Scott Pruitt.  Aside from headline after headline exposing Pruitt’s blatant abuse of taxpayer dollars is Pruitt’s loyalty to big oil companies.

Over a dozen (fifteen total) attorney generals and the city of Chicago just banded together to sue the EPA over its failure to manage methane emissions properly.

New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman stated that the group is pushing back against the EPA for “ignoring its legal duty to control emissions of methane — and extremely potent greenhouse gas — from existing oil and gas operations.”

According to Schneiderman, the EPA’s actions are illegal, and there has been a blatant failure to uphold the Clean Air Act by “unreasonably delaying” its responsibility to control methane emissions.

He added that it “threatens our public health and environment, and squanders savings of over $100 million annually.”

AGs of New York, California, Connecticut, Illinois, Iowa, Maine, Massachusetts, Maryland, New Mexico, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont, Washington and the District of Columbia are all part of the lawsuit.

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