Popular Democrat Just Destroyed Donald’s Ego With Major Statement About Recent Pardon [DETAILS]

The gross misuse of power that Donald Trump elicits on a regular basis makes the American people frustrated to the point of nausea. The man is incredibly difficult to deal with, let alone endure as a leader. The moronic ways he’s choosing to run this country is reason enough for his immediate impeachment. But, nope. Congress, for one reason or another, continues to let this monster enjoy his Presidential powers.

Such was the case this week, when Donald suspiciously pardoned known criminal Scooter Libby. This, as you could imagine, has sparked nothing but controversy. A top Democrat in Congress, Rep. Adam Schiff had some bold opinions to share on the matter.

During an interview, Rep. Schiff said, “I think the president is sending a message, basically, ‘I will use the pardon power to pardon people even that have been convicted of leaking or obstruction of justice.’ ‘If you’re with me, I have your back.'”

This sort of need for loyalty is something that Donald Trump requires to stay mentally afloat. He consistently fills his cabinet and inner circle with sycophants, ready to carry out his evil bidding at the drop of a hat. The cast of cronies he’s got roaming around Washington is despicable. Congress, do the right thing and impeach this man – before it’s too late!

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