The State Of California Just Delivered A Knockout Blow To Trump’s Evil Plans

The state of California isn’t on board with Trump’s war on the environment.  Trump made his stance clear when he unilaterally withdrew from the Paris climate accord.  Trump’s EPA has also made significant strides to dismantle Obama-era rules and regulations designed to preserve the environment.

The California State Lands Commission just put its foot down over the Trump administration’s plan to expand oil and gas drilling operations along the Pacific coast.  Members of the commission voted unanimously in opposition to drilling, notifying the federal government in a letter that it refuses to issue pipeline permits to drillers seeking to develop operations along the California coast.

The commission wrote in its letter to the U.S. Bureau of Ocean Energy Management:

“The catastrophic harm from an offshore oil spill is well-established. … As a state, California has perhaps the highest risk from an oil spill and the most to lose.”

The commission continued, “Californians are vigorous advocates for their coast, and the prospect of new drilling in coastal waters provokes fierce opposition and sparks outrage.”

“It is certain that the state would not approve new pipelines or allow use of existing pipelines to transport oil from new leases onshore,” it added.

California Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom vowed to use “every tool available” to deny the president’s “cynical, regressive agenda.”

Newsom said in a statement, “I am resolved that not a single drop from Trump’s new oil plan ever makes landfall in California, where our leadership in reducing emissions and curbing pollution has enabled exceptional economic growth.”

Are you proud of California for standing up to Trump?

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