Trump Is INSANE WITH RAGE Because the Obamas Were Invited to the Royal Wedding and HE WASN’T!

Prince Harry and his fiancée Meghan Markle have rejected the advice of politicians and diplomats, and have invited former US President Barack Obama and his wife Michelle to attend their wedding at Windsor Castle on Saturday, May 19.

Donald Trump did not receive an invitation, and he is beside himself with anger. He is reportedly eating a great deal of fast food to calm himself down, as he does whenever he is under great stress.

A royal source notes that Harry and Meghan “want to do things their own way,” despite aides advising them to hold back on the invitation. It was feared such a move would anger Trump, and would rock diplomatic ties with his country.

Others felt that nothing will harm diplomatic ties more than Trump’s own behavior, so his anger over a wedding was deemed to be less of a consideration.

The source told Daily Star Online,

The invitations are going out now, but Mr. and Mrs. Obama still have to respond. I am very, very sure they will attend, though.

Harry and Meghan want to do things their own way. They are inviting their own friends, and not on the advice of aides.

Prince Harry and President Obama have a genuine friendship that goes beyond work, with the former US president interviewed by the prince recently on BBC Radio 4’s Today program.

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