Trump Reveals Pathetic Excuse For Leaving North Korean Summit Early [DETAILS]

Blunders and mishaps follow Donald Trump like a loyal dog. With every single statement or speech that Donald Trump makes, he routinely embarrasses himself, and the nation, with the greatest of ease. This week, while he was giving into the volatile North Korean leader Kim Jong Un during their seemingly pointless peace summit, his stupidity and immaturity was on full-display.

In addition to shockingly elevating the evil leadership of Kim Jong Un and North Korea to the same level as America, he also mentioned that he used hotels as bargaining chips when discussing denuclearization with Kim. Then, when he should be the last to leave such an event, Trump ducked out early. And the lame excuse he gave was less than surprising.

When asked why he was leaving earlier than scheduled, Trump said, “There was nothing more we could’ve done.” Adding, “I’d rather fly during the night and get back tonight.”

Wow. What a selfish coward. He knew what he was doing was deplorable, but he did it anyway. Probably to appease his blackmailing Russian boss, Vladimir Putin. Hopefully, Congress will see this “buddy-buddy” relationship with Kim Jong Un as reason enough to move forward with impeachment. Hopefully.

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