You Know How Much J.K. Rowling Hates Trump—Now Look What She Said About ROY MOORE!

Renowned author J.K Rowling poked fun at failed Republican candidate, twice-disgraced state supreme court judge, and accused pedophile and attempted rapist Roy Moore on Wednesday. With one single tweet, she summed up what everyone was thinking.

Moore lost Tuesday’s special election by just a small margin to Democrat Doug Jones despite the fact that the GOP candidate was accused of sexually abusing teenage girls and supporting racism and xenophobia. Moore, however, refused to concede, saying that his supporters should wait on God because God is always in control.

Rowling had the perfect response:

As Newsweek points out, Jones is now the first Democrat in a generation to win a Senate seat in Alabama. Exit polls show that Jones won around 96% of black voters overall and 98% of black women.

Speaking of which, on Wednesday’s broadcast of Late Night with Seth Meyers, writer Amber Ruffin said,

As a black woman, I just have two things I want to say about last night’s election: You’re welcome!

Now, while all of America was on the edge of their seats waiting to see if an accused pedophile would get elected to the United States Senate, 98% of black women in Alabama voted for the other guy, because as my dad says, “Black women laugh and joke, but we don’t play.”

White people, I invite you to look upon our example and steal it. It’s called appropriating, and it should be easy for you because you do it all the time. So while you’re busy appropriating our music and our fashion and our big fat booties, try appropriating our common sense.

Ruffin also praised the women who voted:

Do you know what these women go through every day? Those women woke up yesterday and were like, “I’ve got to deal with systemic racism, the gender pay gap, the school to prison pipeline, humidity and now y’all want me to save America?”


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