BREAKING: Trump Just Announced New Secretary Of State And CIA Director Over Twitter

This morning on Twitter, President Donald Trump announced his new picks for Secretary of State and Director of the CIA in the least presidential way possible. In a weak attempt at proving his advocacy for equality, Trump made sure to point out that Gina Haspel, who will become the first woman chosen for the position, is to be the new CIA Director.

Trump has chosen CIA Director Mike Pompeo, the former three-term Republican Congress member, who is known for his tough stance on Iran, as the new secretary of state. Pompeo was notorious for his aggressive grilling of Hillary Clinton over Benghazi.

During his 14 months as Director of the CIA, Pompeo was fast to develop a close relationship with President Trump; and will be replacing the beleaguered Secretary of State Rex Tillerson.

Pompeo has been there to deliver Trump the daily intelligence briefings; but the soon to be Secretary of State is also known for giving the President his unfiltered thoughts on whichever political or national security issue is prominent at the time.

Of course, there is definitely reason for concern as to Pompeo’s credibility and honesty – as he has misrepresented the Russia assessment on multiple occasions. Pompeo has even gone so far as to state that the intelligence community concluded that Russia had zero effect on the final voting results, despite the fact that there was no real evidence for that suggestion.

The real threat with Pompeo as Secretary of State is that he could very well bring his hawkish worldview to the State Department. Pompeo is in support of such things as keeping the US prison open at Guantanamo Bay; and has also vehemently defended the CIA’s use of torture.

Pompeo actually sees Iran and “radical Islamic terrorism” as the most pressing and dangerous of our national security threats – which further indicates his alignment with Trump and his nationalist agenda. The new Secretary of State will stand closer to Trump’s worldview than Tillerson ever would; but this could have serious implications for US foreign policy.

Apart from Pompeo’s Russia falsehoods, he maintains a hard-line view of Iran which includes “rolling back” the Iran nuclear deal. And Pompeo’s support for Guantanamo Bay and the brutal interrogation of terror suspects, is also something that has many Americans alarmed by Trump’s new choice for Secretary of State.

The President’s designated choice as the new CIA director, Gina Haspel, reportedly has her own history with torture, including the torturing of two suspects in Thailand.

Do you think that Trump has made poor choices for very prominent positions in the White House?

Comment below and tell us what you think.

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